One size does not fit all: introducing Percepto Air portfolio

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If you told me back in 2018 when we first launched the Percepto Sparrow that it would be the most deployed drone-in-a-box solution on the market… well, I’d believe you. And that is because we addressed a huge missing piece in enabling autonomous drone inspections, and we had the best team to create it. Our team set out from the beginning to create a truly autonomous drone – with no human involvement, that can be remotely operated. And we overcame key technological hurdles facing the industry:

  • On demand 24/7 availability, no operator, no hassle – check, Percepto Base
  • Autonomous data collection cycle (from request to upload) – check, Percepto drone-in-a-box
  • Autonomous safety procedures and visual data collection – check, Percepto Core
  • Added bonus – automatic data analysis, alerts and reports – check, Percepto AIM

Fast forward to 2021, and our flagship drone-in-a-box is deployed by some of the largest enterprises around the world (across six continents in fact). Companies like Florida Power & Light, Koch Industries, and Delek US rely on our drone-in-a-box to deliver unmanned, autonomous inspections for their operations, emergency response, and security.

For our team, this is a huge achievement. And we could have stopped there – but we didn’t.

One size does not fit all

In November of 2020, we launched Percepto AIM. The solution is aimed at industrial sites looking to automate the entire visual inspection workflow, as many companies were inspecting their facilities and infrastructure in a partially manual and very labor-intensive way.

AIM made that obsolete. With it, companies can use one system that harnesses robotics and AI to deliver the critical insights our clients need – all provided by an autonomous, end-to-end visual inspection solution.

The experience and learnings that we’ve gained since our founding back in 2014 continue to grow. This experience has earned us a global reputation for visual data capture via robotics technology and visual data management and analysis, among some of the world’s leading industrial companies.

Our understanding has taken a particularly major leap over the past two years, as we have worked all over the world at major industrial sites spanning from utilities, through refineries, solar farms to mining and other industrial sites. In that time, we introduced Percepto AIM and integrated additional robots and sensors.

We’ve also come to understand that “one size doesn’t fit all.”

Not all industrial sites have the same visual inspection needs, especially when it comes to their drones. For example, some need more accuracy, some need special sensors, some must have a hurricane-proof solution, some need a lighter and mobile one and finally, some need different types of insights as their concerns vary.

To meet these needs and help ensure all our customers – no matter the industry they are in or the site they operate – can have autonomous site inspections, we’ve added to our family.

Introducing Percepto Air: an autonomous, drone-in-a-box portfolio

In our most recent product launch, we introduced the Percepto Air drone-in-a-box portfolio. Percepto Air Mobile joins the Sparrow, who got some significant upgrades and is now known as Percepto Air Max. A family of drones.

By having two fully autonomous drone-in-a-box solutions, our clients can choose the one that’s suitable for their site inspection needs. And for those large companies that have various sites, each with its requirements, they can have both the Air Max and the Air Mobile.

So, what does the new Percepto Air Mobile bring to the table?

Smaller and lighter than its big brother, Percepto Air Max, the sturdy Percepto Air Mobile offers industrial-grade mobility and flexibility. It comes with 16MP RGB and radiometric thermal cameras enabling use cases such as solar farm construction monitoring and green energy facility inspections.

Easy to set up across multiple locations, the Air Mobile is ideal for industrial operations calling for mobility, flexibility and resource-sharing. The small lightweight model is perfect for smaller sites, organizations that are taking their first steps with a drone-in-box program and larger sites that need greater deployment flexibility. It’s Percepto Base can easily be deployed on a standard truck, making it perfect for infrastructure monitoring such as power grids and pipelines.

In addition to developing the Air Mobile, we’ve upgraded the Air Max. The next-generation Air Max, with its new configuration, delivers maximum performance and versatility. The Air Max, which includes a customizable top-grade payload, provides superior video quality (24MP day camera) and it is the only drone-in-a-box with an OGI (Optical Gas Imaging for detecting gas emissions) sensor add-on.

All these features give the Air Max the capacity to inspect and map the most complex industrial environments that demand high levels of accuracy and durability.

And of course – both of our drone-in-a-box solutions are fully autonomous (see checklist above).

The power of the portfolio

By delivering a drone-in-a-box portfolio, our vision is to empower enterprises to explore autonomous inspections at all of their facilities and infrastructure. Whether that’s at their downstream refinery with the Air Max, or across miles and miles of pipeline with the Air Mobile. We aim to be every enterprise’s everything drone-in-a-box company.

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Raviv leads Percepto's platform development. Prior to co-founding Percepto, Raviv was an Israeli Air Force (IAF) pilot, flying some of the most advanced aircraft in the world and working with cutting-edge airborne technologies. Raviv was also a technical leader at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), one of the world’s leading drone manufacturers. As a flight test engineer in the IAI’s drone development division, he was exposed to numerous types of drones and drone-related technologies. Raviv holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Ben-Gurion University.

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