Percepto AIM

Autonomous site inspection and monitoring


The only end-to-end visual data management solution,
from capture to insight.

Automated, unified capture

Automate and unify visual data collected by any device.
Any drone. Any robot. Any sensor or camera. All in one place.

Autonomous drones
and robots

With full integration to the Percepto AIM software, autonomously
launch, perform missions and
get back to the Percepto Base for
end-to-end remote inspections.

Manually controlled
drones and robots

Plan and fly missions with your existing drones or robots, with data automatically uploaded, managed and analyzed by AIM, unified and converted into actionable insights.

Any visual sensor
or camera

Using fixed cameras?
Getting data from inspection services? Use Percepto’s
automatic data upload and
geo-tagging to fuse this data
with other visual data collected.

Hello to site-centric data management

A revolutionary approach to looking at your site based on its assets and pain points,
not flights and mission numbers.

AI insights like you’ve never seen before

Insight Manager uses sophisticated AI and
deep-learning algorithms to deliver
industry-specific intelligence.

Distribution line analysis

Solar construction progress monitoring

Solar operations & maintenance

Stockpile volumetric measurement

Pipeline integrity inspection

Security patrol & intrusion detection

2D mapping / 3D modeling

Bringing home remote operations

Manage inspections, maintain accurate monitoring, and get alerts or insights –
all from a remote control center with our BVLOS-ready drone-in-a-box portfolio.

Collaborate and act on insights

Share insights directly to other stakeholders’ smartphones, removing information bottlenecks.

Industrial site inspections’ 2 most painful challenges – SOLVED!

Effective data management & analysis

Autonomous data collection