Autonomous inspections and monitoring for ports & terminals

Meeting ESG goals with autonomous, drone solutions

Maintaining safety, security, and regulatory compliance is critical for ports and terminals. Percepto's autonomous drones, equipped with Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) payloads, provide continuous monitoring and inspections. This ensures compliance, enhances safety, and optimizes operations, all while contributing to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

Key Use Cases

Gas emission detection

Automated daily inspections with Percepto's drones equipped with OGI payloads ensure the safety and compliance of your facility. Detect and monitor fugitive emissons efficiently, providing real-time data and reducing the need for manual inspections.

Tank inspection

Conduct regular and thorough inspections of storage tanks without human entry. Percepto's autonomous drones provide high-resolution visual and thermal imaging to identify structural integrity issues, corrosion, and other potential risks, ensuring the longevity and safety of your tanks.

Leak detection

Detect and address leaks promptly with Percepto's AI-powered drones. Frequent, autonomous inspections ensure that even minor leaks are identified and mitigated before they become significant problems, protecting your assets and the environment.

Compliance & auditing

Simplify regulatory compliance with consistent, automated inspection routes and detailed reporting. Percepto AIM stores all inspection data and provides easy access to historical records, ensuring you meet all regulatory requirements and can provide proof of compliance when needed.

Emergency response

Improve your facility's emergency response capabilities with Percepto's autonomous drones. In the event of a fire, spill, or other emergency, drones can be deployed instantly to provide real-time situational awareness, aiding in quick and effective response efforts.

Volumetric measurements

Generate reports and 3D models on materials at your port, leveraging frequent aerial imagery. Guarantee efficient and accurate materials transport planning.

Our Technology

Percepto's ports & terminals solution consists of one or more autonomous robots managed by Percepto AIM deployed across a site, with a sophisticated cloud backend for AI-powered site inspections, monitoring, surveillance, and visual data collection and management.

Percepto AIM

Gain insights into your site from anywhere in the world, all in one place with Percepto's autonomous inspection and monitoring software. Receive alerts and access reports, maps and models to easily spot site trends and gain situation awareness.

Autonomous Drones

Fully automate site inspections and monitoring and collect high-quality data at the push of a button. State of the art, autonomous drones equipped with gas emission detection or radiometric payloads for end-to-end visual data collection.

As experts in industrial site automation, Percepto enables ports & terminal operators to:


Automatically generate detailed inspection reports and maintain thorough records to meet regulatory requirements.

Boost operational efficiency

Reduce human risk and increase operational efficiency with autonomous, round-the-clock inspections.


Perform high-frequency inspections without exposing personnel to hazardous conditions, ensuring a safer work environment.

Improve sustainability

Identify and address leaks and emissions promptly, contributing to better environmental stewardship.

Percepto's value to ports & terminals is more than just our technology.

It's our experience successfully deploying autonomous drone systems globally in varied regulatory environments. Our turnkey processes ensure organizations succeed on site and at scale.

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