Remote operations

Remote operations challenges

Large industrial corporations often have many complex facilities all over the world. Obtaining accurate monitoring of site operations and understanding site trends in a timely manner is crucial to identifying opportunities for improvements and efficiencies. Yet manual and even digitized site monitoring and inspections are labor-intensive, risky and incur big data challenges. And without one centralized operations center, insights and trends gathered are limited in scope, time and accuracy.

Spot with percepto at industrial site

The only solution for remote operations

Autonomous robots managed by Percepto AIM are managed from anywhere in the world, performing daily tasks in any weather condition, anytime. Robots perform risky inspections, security patrols, and emergency response, with any and all visual data collected on site aggregated and analyzed in one place.

With continuous visual data stream and AI-powered insights delivered in real time to one centralized location, sites gain unprecedented situational awareness.

Remote operations by
Percepto AIM offers:


Increased productivity
and efficiency

Streamline operations, gain real-time operational insights and maintain business continuity from anywhere in the world.


operational costs

Autonomous inspections &
monitoring without human
intervention, and no 3rd
party data analysis.



Remotely operated robots
perform risky jobs, keeping
employees safe


Enhanced security &
emergency response

Real time detection, alerts and
response to intruders and emergencies.


Streamlined regulatory

Maintain a digital system of records
of all site assets and inspections,
available from anywhere in the world.

How our clients stay on top of their sites remotely

Mining corporation with the most advanced remote operations center relies on Percepto

One of the largest mining corporations in Australia utilizes Percepto’s solution to visually monitor their mining facilities from their remote operations center.  The innovative company already relies on autonomous trucks, drills, and trains, and has turned to Percepto to bolster their efforts and harness Percepto’s autonomous drones to perform regular inspections and stockpile measurements. With accurate 3D models, measurements and real time continuous visual data stream, site managers know exactly what’s going on at their site – from anywhere in the world.