Autonomous inspections and
monitoring for industrial sites

Industrial site operators have to find a delicate balance – maximizing production
while ensuring site safety, security and regulatory compliance.

Technology-enabled decision making

This balance requires constant visibility on every detail of operations– but the teams responsible often lack key decision-making data due to operational cost and limited availability of personnel.

Autonomous robots managed by Percepto AIM are equipped with machine vision capabilities to provide continuous aerial surveillance and inspection, providing data to operations personnel around the globe. Upon deployment, operational costs are little more than electricity – providing the benefits of 24/7 security patrols, routine inspection of equipment and infrastructure, and improved safety and compliance.

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To learn more about how our autonomous drone systems are improving ROI for sites worldwide, download our Autonomous Drones Industrial Sites overview.

Key Use Cases

Perimeter Security
Schedule routine 24/7 patrols of site perimeters including remote areas.
Emergency Response
Gain immediate situational awareness in the event of an explosion or fire.
Thermal Mapping
Monitor temperature sensitive locations for anomalies.
Structural and Rooftop Inspection
Schedule routine autonomous roof inspection of even hard to access structural assets.
Leak and Spills Detection
Automatically alert personnel of safety risks in the event of a gas leak or oil spill.
Autonomous survey capabilities constantly monitor and archive site conditions to ensure and prove compliance with regulations.

Our Technology

Percepto’s industrial site solution consists of one or more autonomous robots managed by Percepto AIM deployed across a site, with a sophisticated cloud backend for AI-powered site inspections, monitoring, surveillance, and visual data collection and management.

Integrated Autonomous Robots

Fully automate site inspections and monitoring and collect high-quality data at the push of a button. State of the art, autonomous robots equipped with PerceptoCore software and payload for end-to-end visual data collection.

Percepto AIM

Gain insights into your site from anywhere in the world, all in one place with Percepto’s autonomous inspection and monitoring software. Receive alerts and access reports, maps and models to easily spot site trends and gain situation awareness.

As experts in industrial site automation, Percepto enables industrial site operators to:


Detect safety hazards early, rapidly respond to emergencies, and ensure the safety of personnel.


Maximize effectiveness of security teams with 24/7 autonomous patrols, remote threat detection, and identification of false positives.


Autonomous inspection examines critical equipment and infrastructure more frequently at lower operational costs.


Avoid fines and streamline audit processes with a comprehensive archive of site conditions.

Autonomous Drones for Industrial Sites overview

To learn more about how our autonomous drone systems are improving ROI for sites worldwide, download our Autonomous Drones Industrial Sites overview.

Percepto’s value to industrial sites is more than just our technology.

It’s our experience successfully deploying drone technology for commercial use globally in varied regulatory environments. Our turnkey processes ensure organizations succeed on-site and at scale.