Security challenges

For large and remote industrial sites, security is a logistical challenge that also represents a significant bottom-line expense and can impact business continuity. Physical perimeter security and theft prevention demands specialized equipment and significant human resource allocation. Static technological solutions like fixed sensors or cameras invite malicious workarounds. And when sites are inaccessible or locked down, security often suffers.


The only solution for security

Autonomous robots managed by Percepto AIM automatically, constantly and remotely conduct perimeter security patrols, gate inspections, parking lot monitoring, inventory inspections and more – all without the need for additional security personnel.

With minimal on-site human presence required, Percepto increases 24/7 all-weather patrol frequency and efficacy – detecting and alerting breaches in real-time and enhancing overall site safety and security.

Automated security managed by
Percepto AIM offers:


Increased productivity
and efficiency

Persistent and consistent AI
powered security patrols,
without human intervention.



Autonomous robots perform
security patrols and respond to detected threats, enhancing situational awareness and keeping your employees safe.


site security

Advanced and accurate
real-time intruder and threat
detection and alerting.

How our clients fully automate security

International automaker plant closes due to COVID19, relies on automated security patrols

A major international automaker deployed the Percepto solution at one of its production facilities to augment security efforts on site. With security teams already stretched thin, the facility looked to increase coverage, reduce human error and keep their employees safe. When COVID-19 hit, they were forced to close the plant and rely on hundreds of monthly remotely controlled autonomous drone flights to maintain security while personnel couldn’t get on-site. Percepto drones constantly monitored the closed site, with real-time security breach alerts empowering the security team remotely.

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