Autonomous inspection
for electric utilities

Boost reliability with
autonomous drones & robots

The best way to prevent outages is by inspecting critical infrastructure frequently and accurately.

Leveraging the most deployed drone-in-a-box solutions and other robots, your utility’s assets are automatically inspected on a weekly or even daily basis. With Autonomous Inspection and Monitoring (AIM), you’ll receive alerts and insights regarding your assets’ health – no matter where you are in the world.

How leading utilities automate site inspections

Autonomous inspection at leading electric utilities:

Top use cases at electric utilities:

High altitude inspections

Percepto Air drones safely inspect high altitude poles and power lines, buildings and towers with a unique aerial perspective, collecting high quality visual and thermal data of site infrastructure.

Power line inspections

High quality thermal and RGB data is analyzed automatically. Percepto’s change detection algorithm ensure that no fault or failure goes undetected on your power grid.

Regulatory compliance auditing

With regularly scheduled inspections, Percepto AIM generates an automatic regulation audit on a weekly or daily basis, ensuring your utility is up to standards and can prove compliance.

Emergency & storm response

With an on-site industrial Percepto Base, an autonomous drone or robot is deployed without any human intervention in the event of an emergency or outage.

Safety risks monitoring

With high frequency autonomous inspections, site managers easily detect safety hazards causing slips, trips and falls, and can ensure employee safety during routine operations and emergencies.

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Our Technology

Percepto’s solution for thermal power plants consists of autonomous robots managed by Percepto AIM deployed across a site, with a sophisticated cloud backend for AI-powered site inspections, monitoring, surveillance, and visual data collection & management.

Gain insights into your site from anywhere in the world, all in one place with Percepto’s autonomous inspection and monitoring software.

Gain insights into your site from anywhere in the world, all in one place with Percepto’s autonomous inspection and monitoring software.

Percepto Air portfolio

The most deployed drone-in-a-box solutions, Percepto Air drones are on site 24/7 to inspect your facility even in the harshest weather conditions.

Integrated robots & sensors

Fully integrated robots and sensors for fully automated visual data collection, analysis and reporting – from anywhere in the world.

Percepto enables thermal power plants to:


Prevent outages

Effectively prevent outages at your utility with AI powered change detection supporting your preventive maintenance strategy.


Guarantee reliability

Minimize the time it takes to respond to a disaster or emergency by relying on a robot as a first responder.


Boost safety

Prevent potential accidents and scan for hazardous work environments with remotely operated autonomous inspections.


Increase productivity

Fully autonomous utility inspections frees up time for employees and increases facility production.

Autonomous inspections at thermal energy facilities

What is an electric utility inspection?

Electric utilities can be grouped into three sections: power generation, transmission and distribution. At each part of the system, inspections generally inspect for physical faults, electrical outages, regulatory compliance and safety.

How often should my electrical utility be inspected?

Many utilities inspect their infrastructure on a five year cycle, with some utilities performing more frequent inspections around every 12 months. Utilities relying on autonomous inspections typically inspect their infrastructure on a weekly basis.

How does a drone inspect power lines?

Piloted drones are directed to power lines, collected visual data of the poles, lines and other components. That data is later manually reviewed to look for faults or failures. Autonomous drones inspect power lines at the same height and angle every time. Percepto’s autonomous drones feed highly repetitive and high quality data to AI algorithms that detect faults and failures.

How can utilities benefit from autonomous inspections?

Autonomous inspections allow utilities to prevent outages by detecting faults early on – and respond quickly when outages do happen as is the case after a storm. Additionally, autonomous inspections boost productivity and safety at utilities.

What role does AI or computer vision play at utilities?

Percpeto’s AI algorithm automatically detects temperature changes and physical faults or failures, including cracks and vegetation. Currently Percepto AIM is the only inspection solution on the market that offers AI-powered change detection for utilities.

What electrical utilities rely on autonomous inspections at their facilities?

From Florida Power & Light in the US to Enel in Italy, Utilities around the world have begun to see the value of autonomous, remote inspections at their facilities.

How leading utilities are automating site inspections

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