Inspection rounds

Inspection round challenges

Large and remote industrial sites require ongoing inspection to ensure uptime, compliance and safety. Inspection rounds are necessary – yet equipment is often unsafe or inaccessible without costly shutdowns. And manual inspections are labor-intensive, inaccurate, and subject to human error. This leaves sites, and the companies that operate them, at risk.


The only solution for inspection rounds

Autonomous robots conduct inspection rounds automatically, consistently, and objectively, with all tasks and data collected and managed by Percepto AIM.

Following pre-defined and pre-scheduled inspection routes, and leveraging a range of on-board cameras and sensors, Percepto gathers and analyzes visual data in real-time – detecting issues before they become malfunctions and creating a baseline for future insights.

Automated inspection rounds managed by
Percepto AIM offers:


Increased productivity
and efficiency

Persistent and consistent
AI powered inspections.


operational costs

Detect failures early on,
preventing costly shutdowns.



Inspect hazardous and dangerous
equipment with no human involvement.


Streamlined regulatory

Maintain a digital system of records of site
inspections, emissions, and temperatures.

How our clients fully automate inspection rounds:


International mining facility boosts productivity with fully autonomous solution

ICL Dead Sea, a leading global manufacturer of potash and other minerals, transformed their manual inspections of site assets including their electric grid, pipes and piles, into automated site inspections with one of Percepto’s drone-in-a-box solutions. Managed by Percepto AIM, the previously manual site inspections are now performed with no human involvement.

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