Delek US redefine refinery visibility,
decision making and safety

About Delek US

  • Downstream energy company
  • Four inland refineries
  • Sources approximately 70% of its crude oil from the Permian Basin

delek us

“These drones keep us from climbing high towers; they go inside vessels, check on floating roofs in the tank farm, and observe pipeline routes.”

The challenge: digitalize operations for enhanced visibility and safety

Unlike many refineries, Delek US was looking to integrate new, innovative solutions into their daily operations. Recognizing the value and potential in industry 4.0, the company wanted to ensure their refineries harness new technological offerings to boost safety and efficiency.

The solution: monitoring critical site assets
with autonomous drones


Automated inspections

Percepto drones eliminate the need for human inspection of hard-to-reach equipment like towers, offer closer monitoring over time of floating roofs on the facility’s tank farm, and automatically alert of anomalies along pipeline routes.


Emergency response

The Percepto system has also been integrated into the facility’s emergency response, for better visibility, decision making and safety.

The benefits:
refinery of the future

With Percepto and other innovative technologies, Delek US has successfully pushed their refinery into industry 4.0, boosting productivity and minimizing risk. By enabling predictive maintenance of dangerous and inaccessible equipment without expensive shutdowns, Delek US enhances the productivity and profitability of their refineries, and streamlines operational expenses. By augmenting emergency response with Percepto autonomous drones, the facility helps ensure not only employee safety, but also that of the community nearby.