Koch Fertilizer lowers employee risk, enhances operational integrity with Percepto


  • Koch Industries is one of the largest private companies in America – creating a wide spectrum of products, technologies and services
  • The 500-plus-acre Koch Fertilizer facility in Enid, Oklahoma is one of the largest fertilizer production plants in North America

“We have a vision for our future and programs like this fit right into that”

– Mike Kleis, Vice President of Operations and Plant Manager

The challenge:
lowering risk and overhead

Koch Fertilizer was looking to alleviate monotonous, difficult, and dangerous – but mission-critical – tasks at the Enid plant. Safety and maintenance tasks frequently took up entire employee shifts, and often involved tedious tasks like walking miles of railway inspecting rail cars for leaks, or dangerous tasks like scaling a 190-foot tower.

The solution: Multi-mission autonomous inspection and monitoring


Automated asset inspections

Percepto AIM performs tasks like tank, pump and belt inspections, erosion monitoring, etc. to eliminate the need for mundane or dangerous employee tasks


Pond level monitoring

Enid’s mission operators can send the drone to photograph the same location daily for monitoring, measuring pond levels automatically


Security assessments

A multi-mission solution, Percepto AIM supports security teams, performing security sweeps and automating related notifications

The benefits:
boosting safety, ensuring operational integrity

With Percepto, Koch Fertilizer lowers safety risks while raising employee satisfaction and operational integrity. Closely monitoring a wide range of activity and areas, facility mission operators send Percepto drones to examine the same locations daily for ongoing monitoring. If a potential anomaly or problem is detected, Percepto alerts automatically and Enid technicians can work to mitigate the issue immediately -preventing minor issues from becoming major problems.