With virtually every type of infrastructure in one place, port & terminal operators face a multitude of security and inspection challenges.


Operational innovation with Sea Port Drones

Increasing competition and higher transparency of shipping processes drives operators to seek innovative technologies aimed at improving their terminals’ operations. Teams responsible for safety, security and productivity often lack visibility into operations due to the logistics and expense of data collection.

Percepto’s autonomous drone stations with machine vision capabilities provide aerial data to port and terminal personnel around the globe. With tangible ROI, Percepto enables 24/7 security patrols of coastal and sea lines, routine inspection of the terminal’s vicinity, and continuous monitoring of container lots.

Autonomous Drones Deep Dive

To learn more about how our autonomous port drone systems are improving ROI for customers worldwide, download our Autonomous Drones for Ports and Terminals overview.


Key Applications

Coastal Patrol
Extend security perimeter with scheduled aerial monitoring of coastlines
Container Monitoring
Manage container inventory with unique applications including human detection in container lots and restricted areas
HazMat Supervision
Gain constant aerial visibility of sensitive shipments, ensuring compliance and reducing risk
Crane Loading Control
Routinely inspect crane operations and inspect unidentified freight
Transportation Route Supervision
Ensure clear roads from Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and increase route security

Our Technology

Percepto’s solution consists of one or more drone systems deployed across a site, with a sophisticated cloud backend for flight planning, live view, aerial monitoring and enterprise data management.

Sparrow Drone With Percepto Base

A state-of-the-art, autonomous, weatherproof commercial drone system with HD camera, IR camera, and base station for automatic takeoff, landing and charging.

PerceptoCore Software Suite

A powerful cloud management system with autonomous flight scheduling and live control of drones. The suite includes features such as on-board human and vehicle tracking, data processing, aerial monitoring anomaly detection and measurement, data AI, archival storage, alerts to stakeholders and more.

As Drone Industry Leaders, Percepto Enables Port & Terminal Operators To:


Reduce human risk and increase operational efficiency


Increase frequency and coverage of security patrols at lower operational costs


Inspect critical assets more frequently to conduct preventive maintenance


Optimize transportation routes by supervising rail logistics and safety with real time situational awareness


Autonomous Drones for Ports and Terminals Deep Dive

To learn more about how our autonomous drone systems are improving ROI for customers worldwide, download our Autonomous Drones for Ports and Terminals overview.

Percepto’s value to ports and terminals is more than just our technology.

It’s our experience successfully deploying autonomous drone systems globally in varied regulatory environments. Our turnkey processes ensure organizations succeed on site and at scale.