Typically located in remote, unmanned sites and spread over large geographic areas, solar farms face serious production, operational, and security challenges.

Solar Innovation

Solar energy has gained global recognition as one of the most important renewable energy sources, and as a result, solar farms are constantly being built around the world. 

An on-site autonomous drone system facilitates continuous, persistent and automatic oversight of the full range of solar park operations – even hard-to-reach or remote areas in unmanned facilities.

This enables the solar farms to increase efficiency by reducing solar farm costs, enhancing safety and optimizing solar farms operation and maintenance (O&M).

Solar Farm Deep Dive

To learn more about how our autonomous drone systems are improving ROI for sites worldwide, read our Autonomous Drones for Efficient and Secure Solar Energy Production overview.




site inspection
time savings


annual O&M
cost savings


added annual


additional homes
powered per year

based on actual data for a 50MW solar farm

Key Applications

Our Technology

Percepto’s solar farm drone solution consists of one or more autonomous drone systems deployed across a site, with a sophisticated cloud backend for AI drone monitoring, surveillance, flight planning, and enterprise data management.

Sparrow Drone With Percepto Base

A state-of-the-art, autonomous, weatherproof commercial drone system with HD camera, IR camera, and base station for automatic takeoff, landing and charging.

PerceptoCore Software Suite

A powerful cloud management system with autonomous flight scheduling and live control of drones in the solar energy industry. The suite includes features such as on-board human and vehicle tracking, data processing, anomaly detection and measurement, data AI, archival storage, alerts to stakeholders and more.

As Drone Industry Leaders, Percepto Enables Solar Farm Operators To:


Increase productivity and efficiency by conducting continuous and persistent inspection


Save time and money by using an autonomous system that helps optimize resources


Reduce employee risk in inspections of remote  infrastructure  


Enhance solar farm perimeter security and provide protection against theft and vandalism


Autonomous Drones for Efficient Solar Energy Production

To learn more about how our autonomous drone systems help innovative solar farms improve ROI for sites worldwide, view our in-depth report on Autonomous Drones for Efficient and Secure Solar Energy Production.

Percepto’s value to solar farm operations is more than just our technology.

It’s our experience successfully deploying autonomous solar farm drone systems globally in varied regulatory environments. Our turnkey processes ensure organizations succeed on site and at scale.