Thermal energy facilities employing autonomous drones are overcoming various challenges while reducing downtime and optimizing production and efficiency.


Thermal Power Plants

A thermal power plant is one of the riskiest possible industrial environments, with complex operation and maintenance, as well as safety and security challenges.

The stresses produced by extreme pressures and temperatures can result in catastrophic accidents with potentially massive social and environmental ripple effects.

To meet the challenges of cost effective yet efficient and accurate monitoring of thermoelectric power plants, a new, more innovative generation of drones has emerged.

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Thermal Energy Deep Dive

To learn how our autonomous drone systems are minimizing downtime and optimizing thermal energy production, download our in-depth report on Autonomous Drones for Thermal Energy Production.


Customer Stories

Percepto Autonomous Drones Get The Lights
Back On Faster in Florida

Customer Stories

Percepto Empowers Enel with
Autonomous Drone Technology

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Our Technology

Percepto’s drone solution for thermal energy power plants consists of one or more autonomous drone systems deployed across a site, with a sophisticated cloud backend for AI drone monitoring, surveillance, flight planning, and enterprise data management.

Sparrow Drone With Percepto Base

A state-of-the-art, autonomous, weatherproof commercial drone system with HD camera, IR camera, and base station for automatic takeoff, landing and charging.

PerceptoCore Software Suite

A powerful cloud management system with autonomous flight scheduling and live control of drones in the thermal energy industry. The suite includes features such as on-board human and vehicle tracking, data processing, anomaly detection and measurement, data AI, archival storage, alerts to stakeholders and more.

As Drone Industry Leaders, Percepto Enables Thermal Power Plants to:


Reduce employee safety risks by remotely accessing hard-to-reach locations or approaching dangerous areas


Increase productivity and efficiency by conducting continuous and persistent inspection


Frequent inspection minimizes the chances of missing a critical flaw that can deteriorate into a crisis


Immediate response to any need means enhanced safety and security


Autonomous Drones for Thermal Energy Production

To learn more about how our autonomous drone systems are minimizing downtime and optimizing thermal energy production for customers worldwide, download our Autonomous Drones for Thermal Energy Production Overview

Percepto’s value to thermal energy operations is more than just our technology.

It’s our experience successfully deploying autonomous drone systems for thermal energy power plants globally in varied regulatory environments. Our turnkey processes ensure organizations succeed on site and at scale.