Integrated robots & sensors

Collect and manage visual data from any device, all in one place.


Remote site

Your robots and sensors are on site even when you’re not, available to run inspections and provide situational awareness when you need it the most.


Robots perform inspections at high
altitudes and other hard-to-reach
locations, collecting data without
risking your employees.

Better data,
better insights

Your robot will always collect consistent,
high quality data, which is crucial for
generating actionable insights.

High availability,
high productivity

Robots run inspections around the
clock, unbound by availability of pilots
or employees, allowing you to always
stay on top of your site.

Percepto Air

Autonomously inspection your facilities with the most deployed drone-in-a-box solutions, powered by Percepto AIM.


Integrate all data captured by DJI drones into Percepto AIM, and leverage the most advanced visual data management platform on the market.

Fixed cameras

Visual data from fixed cameras is unified into the AIM software, including live-streaming of video, automatic change detection and other insights.

Spot by Boston Dynamics

Sometimes you need actual feet on the ground to inspect and manage your assets and infrastructure. Boston Dynamics’ Spot, equipped with a unique Percepto Base, seamlessly integrates into Percepto AIM delivering fully autonomous, ground inspections.