Why choose Percepto?

The Percepto solution was designed to enhance your business every step of the way. That is why our multi-mission drone was created with the power to act and react based on your unique operational needs.

Designed with industrial and enterprise needs in mind, our advanced drone has the capabilities to operate autonomously based on scheduled missions as well as on-demand triggers. With Percepto system on-site you gain constant visual insights and notifications on security, safety and inspection missions with no human intervention.

Beyond offering autonomous operations and 24/7 availability, the Percepto solution allows you to manage multiple sites and drones remotely and simultaneously with ease. 

Discover the difference of Percepto

Improve Safety Capabilities:

Identify and manage potential dangers while reducing human risk

Integrate Cost-Effective Solution:

Improve capabilities and cut back on costs

Enhance Site Security:

Strengthen reactive and preventative security presence

Optimize Operational Productivity:

Leverage constant site visibility and advanced analytics to increase productivity

Maintenance Cycle Optimization:

Routinely collect and analyze accurate mission data and failure information to improve maintenance and detection

About us

When Percepto was founded in 2013, the goal was to provide an intelligent multi-mission drone capable of conducting missions based on computer vision applications. Percepto now offers advanced functionalities to large scale enterprises looking to improve security, reduce safety risks and operational costs and optimize maintenance cycles.

See how Percepto Can Help You

Human detection and tracking

Vehicle detection and tracking

Gas leak detection

Thermal inspection

3D Modeling

Fence & property patrol

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