Enel Green Power is revolutionizing the way it services its power plants

About Enel Green Power

  • Renewable resources in 32 countries across five continents
  • 49 GW of installed renewable capacity
  • 84.7-MW Totana plant is EGP’s largest solar park in Spain

Enel Green Power

The challenge:
maximum output, safety
and productivity

Like most renewable energy providers, Enel Green Power constantly seeks solutions to safeguard their technology investments while maximizing energy output – addressing not only security and safety but also operations. Enel Green Power was seeking an automated solution that would help strengthen failure monitoring and prevention at the company’s sites, while at the same time facilitating greater worksite productivity and increasing worker safety.

The solution: automated inspections and insights

Percepto autonomous drones continuously monitor FPLs power production and delivery infrastructure 24/7 and quickly assesses damage following severe weather events.

drone icon

Automated inspections

Percepto autonomous drones safely monitor solar panels, transformers and cables for more effective predictive maintenance.

Remote Site Monitoring

AI powered insights

Data collected is automatically analysed to assess heat preservation and loss and to detect temperature of damaged assets.


Construction monitoring

EGP leverages the Percepto platform to conduct topographical surveys of existing and potential sites, remotely monitoring progress and work quality.

The benefits:
enhanced productivity while reaching for “zero accidents” goal

With Percepto, Enel Green Power’s renewable power generation sites become digitalized “laboratories” – with faster, more precise and more reliable collection of data, along with better communication between teams on and off the worksite. Percepto enables Enel Green Power to optimize process management, machine control, and maintenance activities – both ordinary upkeep and preventive actions – while maximizing power output for a greener, better energy future.