Integrated Robots

Autonomous aerial, ground and sea robots for safe, consistent and persistent data collection


To make smart decisions and  understand what’s going on at industrial sites, visual data is critical. Obtaining visual data, however, can be complicated.

Manual visual data collection is often unsafe to your team members, infrequent, prone to human error and can be expensive. Furthermore, employees may not even be available on site.

That’s where robots come into play.

AIM high by integrating robots

In use by some of the world’s leading utilities, oil & gas and mining sites, Percepto AIM now
integrates robots for fully autonomous inspection and monitoring – on site or remotely.

AIM-powered robots are transformed into fully integrated players in a complete end-to-end solution: they’re equipped with Percepto Core software, have a customizable payload and on-site ruggedized Percepto Base. 
Whether used for routine inspections or to provide situational awareness in emergencies,
Percepto AIM integrated robots easily become a part of any organization’s daily workflows.

Remote site

Robots are on site even when you’re not,
available to run inspections and provide
situational awareness when you need it
the most.


Robots perform inspections at high
altitudes and other hard to reach
locations, collecting data without
putting your employees at risk.

Better data,
better insights

Your robot will always collect consistent,
high-quality data, which is crucial for
generating actionable insights.

High availability,
high productivity

Deployed on-site in Percepto ruggedized base stations, robots run inspections around the clock, in most weather conditions.

autonomous drone

Extend the capabilities of the most deployed drone-in-a-box by fully integrating it into a complete workflow. Centrally manage drone flights and data collection for routine or ad hoc inspections and gain actionable AI-powered insights.

Spot® by
Boston Dynamics

Sometimes you need actual feet on the ground to inspect and manage your assets and infrastructure. And with Spot’s new Percepto Base, end-to-end inspections are now at your fingertips. Boston Dynamics’ Spot, one of the most advanced ground robots, now seamlessly integrates into Percepto AIM delivering fully autonomous, end-to-end inspections and monitoring.

First ever smart home for Boston Dynamics’ Spot®️️

Spot has a brand new home, specifically a brand new Percepto Base. Now Spot can fetch the data you need and return to his ruggedized, on-site smart home. Read the full story to learn how Florida Power and Light (FPL) is leveraging this new solution alongside the Sparrow to respond quickly to hurricanes and optimize site productivity.