Spot® and Percepto AIM

Autonomous ground robot for end-to-end inspections and monitoring

Integration with Percepto

Boston Dynamics’ Spot, one of the most advanced ground robots on the market, is fully integrated into Percepto AIM. Equipped with Percepto’s payload and AI, Spot is completely autonomous, operable without the need for an on-site operator.

Spotlight on:
Percepto Base

The first ever smart home for Boston Dynamics’ Spot. Offering an end-to-end autonomous cycle for outdoor inspection, empowering industrial facilities and isolated substations to keep Spot protected even in extreme weather conditions, safe from damage or theft, and always ready for action.

Spot: a fully autonomous team member

Protected, mission-ready

With Percepto’s ruggedized Base for Spot, your favorite ground robot is now deployed on-site, available 24/7 and can perform truly end-to-end inspections.

Customizable payload

Percepto’s standard payload includes a high-resolution 4K camera and a thermal camera, critical for capturing the data you need to stay on top of your infrastructure and assets.

AI-powered insights

With fully autonomous, high frequency inspections, you’ll need a powerful visual data management software to sift, analyze and deliver the insights you need to your stakeholders.

Unified, remote operations

Integration with Percepto AIM means you can manage all of your robots in one place, from any location.

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