Enel first to streamline inspections
with autonomous drones

Percepto boosts facility and employee efficiency by automating inspections

  • Enel is the second largest power company in the world by revenue, and Europe’s largest utility.
  • Enel employs some 70,000 people and has over 60 million customers worldwide.

“This cooperation generates positive impacts not only on overall plant efficiency, but also on our workers“
– Nicola Rossi, Head of Innovation at Enel’s Global Thermal Generation

The challenge:
Optimized production with lower maintenance costs and faster response

Located on the outskirts of Rome, Enel’s massive Torrevaldaliga Nord thermoelectric power plant generates nearly 2000 MW of power for the surrounding region. The plant’s operations and security managers were tasked with optimizing facility production, enhancing security, and reducing maintenance costs – all while facilitating real-time monitoring, analysis and alerts and reducing dependency on traditional and costly piloted drone solutions.

The solution: boosting inspections and
security patrols

Enel chose Percepto autonomous drones to monitor Torrevaldaliga Nord’s power generation
infrastructure 24/7 and conduct high-frequency security patrols.


Preventative maintenance

Percepto autonomously supports preventative operational and maintenance activities by detecting wear-and-tear and emerging faults before they lead to shutdowns.


Power generation infrastructure inspection

Assets or parts out of a specified temperature range are identified, and visibly identifiable faults like gas leaks, roof damage, electrical faults, and more are detected with Percepto’s AI-powered anomaly detection.


Security patrols

Percepto performs routine security patrols with no human involvement, responding to security events using its AI-powered human and object detection and tracking capabilities.

The benefits:
Enhanced plant efficiency, less downtime

Percepto autonomous drones enable Enel to reduce human risk and improve critical decision-making at the Torrevaldaliga Nord plant – more effectively and rapidly responding to events without raising overhead. Percepto enables Enel stakeholders to streamline inspections of site power generation infrastructure – including nighttime and thermal inspections – while implementing preventive maintenance strategies that reduce downtime. Further, Percepto helps Enel achieve greater site security by augmenting existing ground patrols.