Florida Power & Light boosts reliability with autonomous drones

  • Recognized as one of the most trusted US utilities, serving over 10 million people
  • 119,000 km of transmission lines, almost 9000 employees
  • FPL’s service area has been hit by more hurricanes than most areas in Florida, the state hit hardest by hurricanes

“With Percepto we’re able to quickly deploy…instead of charging batteries, getting all our gear, and traveling to the site. For a utility to be able to see our infrastructure in areas where we can’t get to safely – to quickly fly over it and understand what our conditions are – is invaluable”
– Michael Dorr, Senior FPL Drone Pilot

The challenge:
maintaining reliability

During routine operations, the company needed to maintain their assets well to ensure top service reliability to their clients. FPL was looking to better stay on top of their site, and to prevent small faults from turning into serious failures. To streamline emergency response during storms, FPL needed to quickly identify sources of power outages in its transmission grid and power generation infrastructure.

The solution: boosting inspections from once
a year to once a week

Percepto autonomous drones continuously monitor FPLs power production and delivery infrastructure 24/7 and quickly assesses damage following severe weather events.


Power grid inspection

Percepto facilitates frequent, high-quality thermal inspections, detecting any faults, anomalies and risks.


Emergency response

Percepto enables immediate and safe response, providing early detection of failures and guiding repair crews.

The benefits:
enhanced safety and productivity, less downtime

Percepto enables FPL to raise productivity by automating inspections, reduce downtime by preventing serious failures, and respond faster to storm-related and other outages. Percepto provides both FPL site operators and first responders with valuable insights based on up-to-the-minute data – enhancing emergency response, facility productivity and preventive maintenance alike.