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CIOReview Ranks Percepto among 20 Most Promising Drone Vendors

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Percepto, the market leader of on-site autonomous drone solutions, today announced it has been included in the 20 Most Promising Drone Technology Solution Providers special edition of the US-based technology publication – CIOReview.

The Percepto Solution is currently in use around the world, including a number of Fortune 500 organizations and impressed the team at CIOReview, when it was independently recommended to the publisher. Allen Jackson from the CIOReview states: “The nature of Percepto’s unique autonomous drone capabilities, a wide range of industrial applications and resilience were among some of the details that impressed our panel.”

The CIOReview special edition highlights how Percepto’s drone-in-a-box solution offers superior monitoring capabilities as it can detect humans, vehicles, or anomalies in real-time. The constant site visibility helps organizations identify potential dangers and take proactive measures to reduce risks. It also observes how the Percepto Solution is more than simple aerial data collection and is capable of complete autonomy, from conducting scheduled missions to recharging itself.

CEO of Percepto, Dor Abuahsira explains to CIOReview that: “We capture the visual data aerially and analyse it using machine vision and artificial intelligence to provide valuable operational insights, or as we like to call it—aerial perception.” He adds: “As a market leader in the exciting area of autonomous drones we are proud to be included in the CIOReview report of the most promising drone technology solution providers.”

The 20 Most Promising Drone Technology Solution Providers special edition of CIOReview is out now. Visit:

About Percepto

Founded in 2014, Percepto is the market leader of on-site autonomous drone solutions for critical infrastructures and industrial sites. Operating with no need for human intervention, Percepto’s autonomous Sparrow drones perform multi missions, around the clock. The solution is ideally suited to any large-scale enterprises looking to improve security, increase productivity and reduce safety risks and operational costs. Organizations using the Percepto solution are better aware of events taking place, allowing them to be proactive and more efficient in addressing risks and operational needs. The Percepto Solution is currently in use around the world including a number of Fortune 500 organizations



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